Band Shows 


January 4-5 off

January 12th Lucky Horseshoe Fairhope, Alabama 8-12

Jan 18th Boondocks 8-12

Jan.19th Cocktails and Dreams 8-12

January 26th  Cordova Mall Ball (Sacred Heart Fundraiser) 8-12 Pensacola

February 15th Conde Cavaliers Mardi Gras Ball

February 16th Aquayaks Mardi Gras Ball

February 21st  Order of Polka Dots Mardi Gras Ball

February 23rd  KOER Mardi Gras Ball

February 24th Neptune's Daughters Mardi Gras Ball

March 2nd  Mobile Bay Riders Ball Fundraiser  Abba Shrine

March 9th Pour Nelsons 9:30-1:30

March 16th Lucky Horseshoe Fairhope 8-12

March 22 Pelican Reef 8-12

March 23rd  Fairhope High School Drawdown

March 29-30th Off

April 6th Wedding

April 12th  Cockeyed Charlies.  Mobile 9-1

April 13th Private Party

April 20th Cocktails and Dreams (Foley) 8-12

April 21st  Blue Gill Restaurant Sunday Show! 6-10

April 26-27 Out of town

May 3rd  Bone and Barrel Fairhope 8-12

May 4th  Private Event Fairhope Yacht Club 7-10

May 18th Lucky Horseshoe Fairhope 8-12

May 25th Waves Dauphin Island 8-12  Memorial Day Weekend Party

June 1st  Cocktails and Dreams 8-12 Foley

June 8-9  Off

June 14th  Pelican Reef 8-12

June 16th Sunday at the Bluegill

June 28th  Pour Nelsons Daphne 9:30-1:30

June 29th Private Party with some very Cool People!

July 5-6  Off Weekend. 

July 12th Cockeyed Charlies 9-1   

July 13th Lucky Horseshoe  Fairhope 8-12

July 20th Waves Dauphin Island 8-12  Dauphin Island Rodeo Party!

July 27th Top of the Bay 10-2  Daphne

July 28th Bluegill Sunday Show  6-10

August 3rd Private Party (One of our Favs) ND

August 10th  Veets (Downtown Mobile) 9:30-1:30

August 17th Tilly's in Mobile 8-12

August 24th Manci's 83rd Birthday Bash 7:30

August 30-31 Off weekend

September 6th Bone and Barrel Fairhope 8-12

September 13th Boondocks West Mobile 8-12

September 14th Sky Bar Biloxi Ms.  10-2

Sept 21st Top of the Bay  Daphne 10-2

September 27-28 Weekend Off

Oct 5th  Private Party

Oct. 6th  Sunday at the Bluegill

Oct 11th Shirmp Festival 6-7:30

October 12th Class Reunion!

Oct 18-19 Off 

October 26th  Halloween Party/Hutch Birthday Party 10-2 Top of the Bay

Nov. 1st Pelican Reef  8-12  Theodore 

November 2nd  Lucky Horseshoe  Fairhope

November 15th Veets (Downtown Mobile) 9:30-1:30

November 16th Fairhope Film Festival  8-10

November 22-23 Off weekend

November 29th  Cockeyed Charlies 9-1

Dec 7th  Pour Nelsons 9-1

December 13-14 Off

December 21st  Private Christmas Party!

December 27th Patches (West Mobile) 9-1

Dec. 28th  Top of the Bay 10-2  Daphne

New Years Eve 2019  Lucky Horseshoe Saloon



January 11th  The Tavern  Atmore 9-1

January 18th  Tillys West Mobile 8-12

January 24-25th Out of Town

February 1st  Aqua Yaks Mardi Gras Ball (Foley)

February 8th   Incas Queens Ball

February 13th  Order of Polka Dots Ball (Main Room Civic Center)

February  15th  Krewe of Mullet Maids Ball (Fairhope)

February 18th Order of LaShe's Ball Main Room Civic Center

February 23 Cain Raisers party

February 29th (Leap Year)  Fairhope High School Drawdown

March 14th Lucky Horseshoe St. Pattys Party 8-12

March 21st  Veets (downtown Mobile) 9-1

March 27th The Pelican Reef 8-12

March 28th Manci's  Daphne Alabama 8-11

April 3rd  Bone and Barrel  8-12  Fairhope

April 19th Mudbugs (Boondocks)  Outside show

April 24-25  Weekend Off

May 3rd  Bluegill Spanish Fort 6-10

May 8th Fairhope Rotary Club

May 23rd  Top of the Bay 10-2

May 30th  Class Reunion

May 30th Theodore Class Reunion

June 13th KOER Party

June 19th Pelican Reef

June 20th McGill Toolen Class Reunion

July 3rd Lucky Horseshoe (Class Reunion)

July 11th  Wedding

July 19th  Bluegill (spanish fort)  6-10  Sunday Show

July 25th Top of the Bay 10-2

August 1st  Annual Private Party ND

September 19th Top of the Bay 10-2

October 31st Top of the Bay Halloween Party! 10-2

December 12th  Private Party Fairhope Yacht Club. 6:30-10




January 9th  Wedding (T)